Soul Shaping Moment 9- The Right Time to Write

I am retraining myself NOT to multitask. I am the queen of multi tasking. I have been known to nurse a baby, talk on the phone, and make sandwiches all at the same time. I know: RIDICULOUS.

I move fast.

I like fast results.

So I multi-task.

I have learned the hard way that I get less accomplished when I multi-task, so blog posting and writing takes place while the kids are asleep or reading—In other words when they are completely occupied. Trying to work on my computer and remain mentally available for the kids is a BAD combination.

The other day I was “on a roll” and could not shut my computer. Naptime was over and the house was full of life again…but I pecked away on my laptop. A little one prodded me to “come see this frog” over and over.

“Mom, you’ve got to see this frog.”

“Just one minute,” spoken in a distracted mom tone as I stared at my screen.

Off he ran to check on the frog, again.

A third time the boy came to me, but this time with a helpful idea (he thought) “How about I watch your computer for you and YOU go look at the frog!”


He was willing to sit in my chair and babysit my screen for me, so that I could have the pleasure of seeing a really cool frog. Let me tell you that I shut my computer.

Slapped back into reality, I joined my little one in a squatting position outside and enthusiastically enjoyed the sticky, green, croaking creature with my precious little one.

When the kids are asleep, I work on my hobbies (writing for three blogs) When they are awake, I mommy them. Period. The end. Juggling too many important balls is a good way to drop them ALL.

Soul Shaping Challenge: Teach the kids attentiveness by being ALL THERE. 

Join me in trying to live by Jim Elliot's famous quote, "Where ever you are, be all there" ...Because multi-tasking keeps us distracted, people get neglected and mistakes are multiplied in projects. 

Memorize: “Whatever you do work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not for men,” Colossians 3:23