Soul Shaping Moment 10- Dinner Prep

It’s mealtime again and I’m still no Paula Deen. I mentioned in a post that I cook and freeze. That way meal prep is not always an emotional drain for me. Whether the main dish is coming from the freezer or prepared from scratch, I enlist the help of the closest able bodies shorter than me.

Together we throw together, I mean, thoughtfully assemble delectable morsels for our loved ones. Meal prep time provides great open space for talking. Talking about nothing. Or books. Or issues. 

Just being together. 

Simply hanging out over cutting boards and knives. Cool things—kids love. 

Photo credit to Lisa Farley
This time together forges bonds between the kids and me in a natural way doing a common chore. Each child has a cooking preference in the kitchen and it is fun to see their gifts and lack there of surface in our culinary  art room. 

Dinner prep must be done if we  are going to eat, and it provides quality time with each of the kids on different nights. I don’t have to carve this time out, make a special date or schedule it in. 

Dinner prep with the kids provides meaningful memory making time.

Soul Shaping Challenge: Include your kids one at a time in the dinner prep time. Not only will they gain useful skills that their future families will appreciate, but you will build fun memories with them, also. 

This time teaches them responsibility and domestic skill--One day they will be responsible for eating healthy without mom hovering, and providing healthy meals for their loved ones.