Soul Shaping Moment 11- Dinner Prep and the Extra Kids

Too many cooks spoil the broth. In fact, one cook or ten, the broth in our house is especially delicate (because of the cooks) we send a handful of children to the pool during dinner prep, so that the broth is worth slurping at dinnertime. 

Photo Credit goes to Ellen Harter Wall
The swimmers and chefs rotate throughout the week, so each able chef gets a turn in the kitchen and at the pool, or at least that is the goal. (My goals and my reality don’t always meet, therefore we have a few kitchen challenged fish, but I know we will catch up on instruction in due time.)                 

So an older sibling plays with some younger ones splashing and diving around our big neighborhood pool while dinner simmers. When our water logged children are dried out by the chlorine and STARVING from all the fun, they head back to the house for dinner time.

Soul Shaping Challenge: It is GOOD for older kids to play with their younger siblings. It teaches patience. It instills kindness and builds memories. I love the verse, “How beautiful and pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) dwell together in unity," Psalm 133:1("and sisters" added by me)

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