A Straw in the Nose Day: Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes it seems like life is out to get us. Have you ever had one of those days? I certainly have and I have confessed plenty of those days in my book. If you’re not following me yet, let me give you a glimpse into a young college student who was having… a day.

This young man was on his college campus at lunchtime and decided to eat at the outdoor fast-food restaurant on campus. He ordered the regular hamburger, French fries and chocolate shake without considering his other belongings; he had in tow a briefcase, a few books and some reports. 

Naturally all the tables were occupied and there was no place in sight for him to unload his paraphernalia. He leaned against a pole patiently waiting for someone to leave, while the smell of his food mocked his growling stomach. The other students were laughing and talking over their lunches and not one table of students appeared almost finished. 

Finally he could stand it no longer, so he bent down to take a sip of his chocolate shake, but instead of inserting the straw into his mouth, it jammed up his nose. Since his arms were full there was nothing left to do except blow the straw out, which proved to be big mistake. 

 The blow did not dislodge the straw, but rather sent the chocolate shake shooting out his nose and down his pants. His hands were still full of all of his belongings, as the straw remained dangling from his nostril and the shake dripped off his face and clothes.

He felt like life was out to get him on this ominous day.
When was your last Straw in the Nose Day? Our perspective on these inevitable days will draw people to us or push them away. Laughter is truly good medicine and healing to the bones. Learn to laugh at yourself when it seems life is out to strip you of all pride (other people certainly are.) :-)

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” Proverbs 17:22
(Rewritten by Terri: Original straw in the nose story is told by James Dobson in Stories of the Heart and Home. The college student was one of his good friends.)