Effectual Fervent Prayer

My uncle, whom I love very much, is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. His amazing spirit challenges me to rise above the injustice of this wicked disease. He wrote the post below on prayer. Please pray for him as we walk this road. ~ Terri

A Testimony of a Recipient- Don Wessinger (better known as my Uncle Don)

Life is filled with challenges. My life is currently facing one of those challenges. Recently I began chemotherapy treatments for pancreatic cancer. When faced with serious challenges we must use everything in our power to confront those challenges to overcome the test. Upon learning of my diagnosis, I immediately used the wisdom God blessed me with to seek the best medical care available for my situation.

Then I began to seek God’s prayer plan for my life. As Christians we learn that the strongest power we can call upon is Jesus. Prayer is a vital key that connects us with our heavenly Father. Prayer is both an incredible privilege and an awesome responsibility. It can move the hand of God in situations where there is no other hope.
James 5:16 “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
When a person is RIGHT with God, the power of his sincere prayer is tremendous!" The conditions for that promise: "when a person is right with God and prays sincerely". Effectual fervent prayer is the hardest kind of work there is to do. Not only does it take more out of a person than any other kind of work, we have to handle ourselves with a strong discipline to make time for effectual fervent prayer.
Our natural tendency is to shrink back when it comes to praying for the impossible.

The problem is that we rest the power of prayer too much upon ourselves. We think that we are the ones making things happen in prayer. Instead we are to see ourselves as instruments in the Lord’s hands for accomplishing his purposes through prayer. Prayer is an act of obedience and privilege for the believer. We are commanded to pray. But we are also invited to bring our needs before the Lord. We are to anchor ourselves in his faithfulness and promises. We are to see that the very fact that God commands us to pray is a foundation for effectiveness in our prayers.

Gratitude seems such a small word when expressing thanks for the prayers prayed in one’s behalf. It's so nice to know that our "family" extends beyond blood and beyond our local church as evidenced by all the cards and words of encouragement received daily. It truly means a lot to know that there are people around the world that you may have never met that have been lifting you up in prayer.
Based on promises in God’s Word we know we can pray with confidence and authority, knowing that our prayers will be answered. I know God is directing those that are treating me and He can heal me.

"Lord, teach me to pray powerful and effective prayers."