Mommy Said

I hear a scuffle in the backyard. It sounds like an argument over a beloved toy. Little voices escalate drowning out the peace in the house. I try to ignore the argument hoping the tots will work it out: be little men and settle the dispute maturely.  The next thing I know a short person is tugging on my shirt. “Mom, Caden took my bear and he won’t give it back. He says it’s his toy, but you gave it to me for my birthday.”

“Tell Caden, Mommy said to give it back.”

The feeling of defeat left Samuel’s countenance and he bounded into the other room with confidence, “Mom said to give it back to me, NOW!”

My kids learn early that there’s power in my name. Power to return stolen toys or grant a cookie before dinner, power to allow mix-matched shoes to be worn to church on Sunday, or to grant permission for a sleep over. “Mommy said” is the dreaded combination of any offender in our family and the assured victory cry of the offended. “Mommy said” can change everything in an instant. My kids take comfort that I am for them even if they are on the wrong side of “Mommy said.” They know a plea towards me elicits my attention and that even if “Mommy said” causes tears, Mommy still loves.

When my day goes sour or I have been unjustly treated, as a grown woman I still fill my mom’s ear sometimes, but if I need a situation changed, I call on the name that holds all the power: the name of Jesus. I know that all things are held together by Him and for Him and I have learned from experience that He can be trusted. As an earthly parent I love when my kids call on me for guidance or protection. How much more must our Creator take pleasure when we call on Him? I am His child, His creation. He considers me worth correcting when I’m out of line, and defending if the matter calls for intervention. I know that I can run to Him when I’m in trouble, call to Him and He will answer me. His presence brings peace--His name safety. (Matt. 8:29)Even the demons understand the power in His name and dread to hear it called. As His child there is no dread in His name, only comfort and authority to change a situation. I am so much more to my children when they ask for my help and I give them the authority to use my name. How much more so is the Heavenly Father to His children when we run to Him? Jesus is our advocate and He loves protecting and defending His children. The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous man runs into it and is safe, Proverbs 18:10.