We Survived! Spring Cleaning DONE!

Well, today is the LAST DAY of our Spring Cleaning Frenzy! THANK GOODNESS! I mean, doesn’t it feel GREAT to have a de-cluttered, sparkly clean home right before summer? Come to think of it, deep cleaning right before summer…it’s akin to taking a bath BEFORE going on a sweaty jog. We are strange people, aren’t we?

Well, this family has worked hard together, and the progress was invigorating. However, I’m thankful it’s called Spring Cleaning

and not:

Spring/Summer Purge and Wipe Until You Die Cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a sparkly clean house, but if that were this family’s main goal every day, NOTHING else would EVER be accomplished around here. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta let a room WAIT, and it’s OK. The world will still go around if a thing or two are out of place.

Here’s my sad, true, embarrassing as usual example...

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