Don't Waste Money!

I missed the last Healthy Living Bundle because I didn't KNOW ABOUT IT! And it was a GREAT BUNDLE! And now I'm KICKING MYSELF!

I don't want that to happen to you, so I'll give you a little information each day this week. This sale ends Sat.

First, WHO is the bundle for?

Well, if you love to learn... enjoy using natural remedies... hope to improve your healthy cooking skills...have a family member with health issues...

If you are married...If you like to save money...If you have friends or hope to have friends...If you live and breathe...then...

This Bundle is for YOU!

Look through the bookshelves below to see the amazing books (for approx .36 cents each) included in the sale. This offer only lasts until Saturday at 11:59 after that everything will go back up to FULL PRICE! So don't waste money, click on the link to see the rest of the offer and get yours while it's dirt cheap.

(Don't forget to scroll to the bottom to see all the bookshelves before you Click the link)

An 86 eBook Healthy Living Library


Healthy Kitchen:I already have a few of these in my e-book library (because they are great books) so I'll give my extra copies as gifts. Section worth: $141.13


Allergy-Friendly/Special Diets:Just about everyone I know needs these books right now! Section worth: $58.79


Menu Planning/Meal Prep: Section worth: $21.85


Natural Skincare: Section worth: $31.94


Natural Health:These are MUST HAVE'S for all moms!

 Section worth: $128.88


Healthy Lifestyle: I think this might be one of my favorite sections. Section worth $93.93


Fitness:Oh look! There are two of my books :) Section worth: $13.96


Gardening/Sustainability: Section worth: $40.86


Green Living: Section worth: $29.95


Special Health Concerns:These will be used as reference books for YEARS and YEARS. Section worth: $75.86


Healthy Kids & Babies: I wish I had had these 21 years ago when I had my first baby. Section worth: $105.30


Learning About Real/Whole Foods: Love this one too. Section worth: $58.92