Soul Shaping Moment 17- Bath time for the Littles

Fill’er up and throw ‘em in.

Bubbles, kids, toys…When the sun sets in the evening, our master bath transforms into an ocean filled with ships and captains--sea creatures and beaches.

I love bath time. My littles not only get clean, but their imaginations create worlds where they are heroes and heroines.

I fill up the tub--toss in some toys and let the kids play until their skin is prune-ish.

Photo Credit via Swiat Kasiek

After the first group of children gets dried, dressed, brushed and night diapered, the next little gender group jumps in. We warm up the tub with more hot water and extra bubbles and the fantasyland transforms from one world to another. The ships settle in their docks and the tub is not an ocean for this crew, but rather an exquisite hair salon for my prissy little girls.

The Martha Washington flip, the shark Mohawk and the pointy spike styles are all modeled above the bubbles with girlish enthusiasm.

The kids think bath time is more about entertainment than cleanliness—which is fine with me. The toys will be kicked out of the bath and the shower will replace the tub full of water soon enough as proved by my older set of children. When this happens the toys get replaced with razors and shaving cream and a buzzer must be set to maintain a reasonable water bill.

But for now, imaginations transform my tub into play lands of excitement and I love every minute of it.

Soul Shaping Moment:  Let your littles share bath water to teach them prudence in household management. Let the stinkier, dirtier ones go last.