Soul Shaping Moment 16-- Hit the Trail

It’s time for the family to decompress. School work, house work, play work…Our days are packed to the brim and if something does not give, someone will POP and that’s never a pretty site!! 

So each does his own thing after dinner. 

As long as no one is juggling knives, playing with fire, or surfing the net, they are free to do “whatever.”

I personally like to hit the trail walking.

Photo Credit Goes to Southholland

If you read my 31 Days to Fit, you know this time resets my emotional barometer and fuels me to finish the day strong. I LOVE to serve my family...and... if I’m going to be the best for them, I MUST take this time to unwind and recharge.

Each of my family members needs this time for themselves, too. It’s interesting to see the choices my kids make with their down time. The younger ones like to play at our house with some neighborhood kids. 

My older ones often enjoy reaching out to an elderly or handicapped person.

Sometimes I’ll wonder where my teenage son is simply to find out he is raking someone’s yard. Or my oldest daughter is doing a craft with someone homebound.

I’m SO THANKFUL they often think of others during their down time. My kids aren’t perfect, BY ANY MEANS, but the years we have spent visiting the elderly and handicapped together has stamped them to truly care about others. 

Soul Shaping Challenge: Teach your kids to be cognizant of their free time. Time wasted can NEVER be regained. Teach them to work hard, play hard and care about others THE WHOLE TIME. Whole-hearted living is the only way to live.