Decorating Tips 101

Decorating Tips 101

How do I decorate a room well if I can’t afford a professional?

So you want to redo a room without the cost of a decorator? Follow these 9 easy steps below and you will create an amazing room transformation.

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First: Choose a focal piece, something you LOVE, a painting or a pillow, a chair or a vase, a piece that says “tada.” Your focal piece needs to have several colors in it, so that you can choose paint colors and fabric swatches that will be used in the room. I recommend no less that 3 colors, but when you go over three, make sure the extra colors are in the same color family, unless you are decorating a circus.

Second: On a board glue or staple the paint colors and fabric swatches and make sure that you LOVE what you see. If you don’t like it on the board, you will HATE it in your room.

Third: Ask your friends which paint color they would use on the wall and go with the friend that chooses the one you like, then invite her over to help you paint.
Order pizza for dinner and schedule a massage the next day for both of you.

Fourth: Look through a billion decorating magazines and spend 300 hours on  looking for the perfect window treatment. After you have chosen it, gather your friends again and ask them which fabric on your board would go best with the treatment you have chosen. Listen to the friend that has a sewing machine. Smile sweetly and ask her if she’ll help you make the drapes. Block off a week on your calendar, put childproof gates up, so that your children don’t walk on your fabric, when it is lying all over your den floor waiting to get cut and sewn.
 Wear your hair in two ponytails, and don your husband’s favorite nighty each evening until the den is back in order and he can once again sit in his favorite chair. It’s also a good idea to have the freezer fully stocked with his favorite ice cream during this portion of the decorating process.

Fifth: If you live in Houston, call Burke’s Upholstery to recover any furniture that no longer matches the room. Your friend’s are avoiding you now, so just choose a fabric from the board. It will blend beautifully with the room.

Six: Have a garage sale and get rid of the clutter that sits on your shelves and tables. Call your friend that sells Southern Living and have a Home Show. Use the points from your home show and the money from your garage sale to buy accessories that go with your new look.  You are now back in good standing with one of your friends and your room is looking complete.

Seven: Make sure each end table has some form of life on it. Toddlers don’t count. A candle, a fresh flower or fruit bowl is a nice touch. Make sure you accessorize in odd numbers on your tables and shelves.

Eight: Kiss your husband. Serve a fancy meal for your family with candles and enjoy your new look.

Nine: Have an open house and offer to help your friends redo a room in their houses, since you are now an expert in the field and they are all envious of your fresh new look.

Happy Decorating!
Terri Bonin