February 22nd

     She sits across from me. Her body engulfed in the large arm-chair with its muted colors splashed into random designs. Her course brown hair is braided loosely and hanging over her shoulder. 
     I want to speak, but the words aren’t coming. What do I say to her? I felt what she is feeling. I understand the overwhelming wave of emotions and hormones that accompanies being fifteen. Nothing anyone told me helped. I clenched tightly to the same “no one understands” notion.   
     Only turning to Jesus when I was at my lowest point rescued me. I want to hug her, but I can tell by her defensive body language that is not an option. Tears threaten to fall and her eyes give view to the unhappy state of her heart. I cannot change this. I can encourage, I can love, I can pray. But nothing more.
     Life is hard. It hurts, pulls, stretches. Circumstances change but it is my decision to be grateful and at peace with where I am. With who I am. I know the truth: I am His. No matter the hardship my Saviour promised one thing...

             “Never will I leave you 
                     or forsake you.”

I’m clinging to His promises.
          “My flesh and my heart may fail,
              but God is the strength of my heart 
                  and my portion forever.”