Redeeming Beauty: The Loveliness of Less

This week has been EXTRA CRAZY! In case you’re thinking EVERY week must be nuts in a family of 12, well, you’re right. However, I’m feeling stretched to the max right now and I have to say that the de-cluttering we did last week, by putting away the small objects in the house has been a GIGANTIC sanity saver for me.

As I juggle the kids, our schedules and feeding the crew three times a day, I have found it easier to fluff the house up to presentable, without all the extra bits of wood, hay and stubble to dust and resituate. My honey even commented that the house seems extra clean to him lately.

 Being a bit unobservant he has not noticed the inconspicuously missing objects.

When happy people occupy my tidy abode, the house feels it’s most beautiful to me. So this dec-luttering project came at the perfect time, as it has lowered bubbling stress levels and given a sense of orderliness on the home front. Marketers have convinced us that MORE stuff satisfies and MORE stuff is where contentment hides.

Well…they’re lying.

In her book, Miss Minimalist, Francine Jay says:

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