Parenting to Tears

I hover outside my husband’s closet door and listen to him hum as he sheds his dirty scrubs and changes into Daddy Attire for the evening.  I’m glad he’s happy, but I feel nothing like him at the moment.
I’m too exhausted to hum.

I just need a hug, a break, maybe some chocolate. My mood must be bouncing off of me because without even turning around to look at me his humming stops. His knowing without seeing, no doubt, comes from almost 24 years of marriage.

He turns around and searches my eyes,“You OK?”

“No. Not really. I have an elephant on my back,” I choke trying not to cry.

“Hmmmm…when I have the elephant it’s usually on my chest,” he smiles.

“Ok, Ok, I guess the elephant is sitting on my shoulders pressing on both my back and chest.”

He laughs.

I cry softy.

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