Plug In and Recharge

I wear an Up Band. It’s a cool sports tool. I look to the band for direction in the area of physical health and nutrition. When I’m sedentary, it sends little alarms encouraging me to “take a walk.” When I haven’t slept enough, it alerts me to the dangers of not getting enough rest. It breaks down the foods I eat, so that I know when I’ve over done it on chocolate. (Like I need a band to tell me that!)

In order for the band to give me direction, it must be charged. The band must spend time away from me plugged into the charger to refuel its battery.

Otherwise it’s reduced to an accessory on my wrist. My little sports band will not fulfill its complete purpose if it is not charged.

We moms are much like sports bands. Our families look to us for direction, instruction and encouragement, but if we don’t unplug from them in order to recharge we will be nothing but an accessory. Our kids need more than a pretty mom. Our husbands need more than an arm ornament.

When my personal battery flashes red...

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