Soul Shaping Moment 12-- Set the table

Yes, I know this it the 3rd day on dinner prep. I could write a MONTH on dinner prep!! Not because it is so complicated, but rather because it is SO IMPORTANT!! Preparing ahead for the ones God gives us speaks of love to our family members. 

And it says, Thank You to our Creator for the gift of family. A husband is a treasure--children are a blessing. Family situations are forever changing as the kids sprout from childhood to adulthood, so a calm family meal is an easy way to seize the day with your fast growing children. 

The generation living under our roofs will more than likely treat our grandchildren with the same attention to detail or neglect— that we model for them, so let's go the extra step and set the table.

Taking the time to provide a healthy meal around the table takes thought and preparation—even if it is a simple throw it together meal in a pinch. Serving the family together around a table says I CARE ABOUT YOU!!! So complete the effort by setting the table.

Photo Credit to http://alkemie.blogspot
In our home, our seven-year-old princess prepares the table. Placemats, napkins and utensils hide in an easy to access place for her and she has creative license with the placemat/place setting combination.

 I simply require that she follows the universal rule of forks on the left and knives and spoons on the right. Other than that—She sets to her heart’s desire.

Soul Shaping Challenge: Teach your kids to set the table and provide them with a variety of choices of placemats and dishes. Setting a table and inviting someone to join you says, I want you in my life. This teaches them to nurture important relationships in a natural way over a meal.