Soul Shaping Moment 8- Glorious Nap Time

The older ones bolt to their rooms and the younger ones plead to stay up—It’s a universal scenario. Only the ones who don’t have time for a nap truly WANT a nap! 

I LOVE this time of the day—not because I always get a few winks, but because the house stops… and I can think. Or read. Or blog. Or shop on-line. Or cook. Or stare out the window. (You get the point)

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No one is juggling knives, eating Comet coloring on the walls or having an adolescent hormonal breakdown.

Everyone is still. Even though we call this time “naptime.” It is really “lay in one spot and listen to an audiobook” time for the younger ones. 

The older ones usually read, write, catch up on homework, OR NAP.

No one is required to fall asleep.

Sometimes, however, I trick an especially tired young one into sleeping by telling him, he does NOT have to sleep, he only has to close his eyes while he listens to an audiobook then…BAM…Mission accomplished. 

Snoring ensues within minutes.

Much is accomplished during these frozen moments whether the kids fall sleep or not. Sleep has its own obvious benefits, but we have a large audio library and I put a story on for everyone ten and under which assists in keeping them still.

Imaginations grow. Vocabulary increases.
And their love for books is once again watered.

Soul Shaping Challenge: Make “downtime” in the afternoon appealing by offering a good audio book or the promise of a bike ride with Mom in the evening. Kids learn self-control and obedience when they must stay in one spot for an hour or two.