Soul Shaping Moment 7- Story Time

I love story time (because it comes right before naptime…HOPE around the corner.) This past spring semester, I had the BRILLIANT idea moving story time from our home to the library. With more work than usual on my proverbial plate, this made grand sense to me. Thousands of books calling for little fingers to thumb through and an audio library larger than the moon. They would be occupied for hours...surely.

So off we went...Once inside the hushed room, I put my little ones on earphones at the computers, keyed in age appropriate audio books and tip toed back to my table. The simulated mommy would read with expression, while I checked off my busy work.


My three-year-old didn’t think so. This tot had approximately 25 questions during his audio story and I my frustration meter escalated underneath my mommy smile.

Impatience surfaced in my chest.

Impatience is my signal that my priorities are self-centered and off.  A quick assessment of the situation proved I had misplaced priorities.  He was right...I really should have been the one reading to him, not the cold computer. There is certainly a time for an audio book at the computer in his day, but it cannot REPLACE my time with him...which is what I was doing.

“I just want YOU to read me the book, while I SIT IN YOUR LAP, Mommy!”

So story time with Mommy is story time with Mommy…at home, on the couch, with favorite books and lots of snuggles.

The little ones learn that they are valuable, important and loved during this sweet time.

The older ones who prefer NOT to sit on my lap anymore (I can't imagine what's wrong with my lap!) read alone in their rooms during this time. They still LOVE to talk about what they are reading because sharing books together is a lifestyle we enjoy. Discussing books provides a common bond and challenging discussions at times. 

Soul Shaping Challenge: Nothing can replace story time with Mommy. Kids learn to value books and LOVE time with Mommy when the two are combined in a sweet way. If your kids are older now, you can still read to them. Simply find a book that would interest them and go for it. These moments tie heart strings.