Soul Shaping Moment 6- Lunch Time

I ain’t no Pioneer Woman. I cook GOOD in spurts. In between those spurts my kids learn the character qualities of thankfulness, resourcefulness and patience.

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I keep a heap of ingredients in this house and it frustrates the kids sometimes, because these ingredients require: 



And cooking... 

Which takes 



And patience. 

Assembling a meal from scratch is a character stretching activity that takes place in our home DAILY! If one could put a spoon into the tub of flour, and eat straight from it and call it a meal, my kids would.  But since that is not an option, who ever is the hungriest starts the lunch ball rolling.

If a child is old enough to stand on a chair and see onto the counter, he can help the head chef. Lunch is usually not a BIG MEAL because we don’t want to spend two hours in the kitchen preparing and cleaning, so we make green smoothies, crunch on carrots or apples...chew on  blue chip nachos with homemade salsa, or settle for "peabut and jelly" sandwiches—Simple food that doesn't require too much effort.

Soul Shaping Challenge:  Make lunch healthy, light and simple, so your kids will have the energy to finish the day strong as a team player in the family. Also, include them in the meal preparations. This will make them grateful for more complicated meals.