Soul Shaping Moment 5- Hobby Time

The fact that I gave birth to artsy children is a miracle. Scissors and glue make me sweat. Regardless of this fact, I have more than a few kids that require a shoebox full of art supplies in order to survive. So this is the time of day my off spring creates…(soul shaping messes.)

One daughter piddles on projects she finds on Pinterest.

A few daughters write letters, create songs, movies, and artwork on canvases.

Photo credit goes to: "Press"
A few boys build Legos, create Playdo farms, build castles out of blocks, etc.

Basically the previous cleaners divide into different areas and undo everything that was tidied and wiped in the previous hour.

Our home is a vicious cycle of cleaning, creating, cleaning, and creating.

The kids learn to appreciate their God given bents during this creative free time. And I learn to ENJOY watching them grow in their strengths. Creativity is the character quality nourished during this time.

Soul Shaping Challenge: Turn off the TV and help your children discover art, mechanics or writing. YOU and your children will be stretched and they will thank you later. “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” God is the author of creativity—He will guide you if you ask Him.