Soul Shaping Moment 4– Clean It Up

I am not a natural cleaner. So I have an entire shelf full of paperbacks about cleaning to motivate and inspire me. Several years ago I chose the Fly Lady's book for cleaning inspiration because she has a bright pink cover and a cute little drawing on the front. Yes, I judged the book by the cover and I’m glad I did because she was just what I needed.

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The Fly Lady taught me to zone off the rooms and hang step-by-step detailed cleaning lists in each zone. This makes cleaning our casa quick and easy. Because I have so many kids and not very many rooms in the house, the whole place gets cleaned up relatively fast.

Training the kids to clean each zone correctly is laborious, but it pays big when the house is cleaned correctly and fast without a maid service present.

The soul-shaping principals here are diligence and thoroughness. Diligence is the opposite of slothfulness and it is a quality that will assist the kids in all stages of their lives. Teaching them to be thorough, quite frankly, is a pain in the hiney. It would be easier just to do it myself, but if they learn to be thorough they will go further in life.

Soul Shaping Challenge: Pick a chore with your kids and teach them to do it from beginning to end with diligence and thoroughness. Colossions 3:2, “Whatever you do work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord and not for man.”