Soul Shaping Moment 3- Squeak out a Melody

The sleepy kids that barely listened during Bible are sure to wake up in the following moments because quiet is about to leave the scene...Enter:


I want my kids to have certain lyrics engrained in their brains so that when they are older, their minds will find the words at those pivotal moments of crucial decision-making. I carefully choose the songs that we memorize. Music has a way of making words stick around, so we sing…

Singing chases dreary moods off the premises and shapes one’s perspective. Each of our babies has a special something about him/her and our current baby LOVES the song Rejoice in the Lord. No matter how fussy this little one feels, this song brings giggles and claps, so it is the song we sing first (during this season.)

Many times we take a verse we all LOVE and create a tune or jingle to it. This has been a fun way to teach the new little Bonins what the older ones learned several years ago. Not to mention, the ditties help me remember certain verses, too.

We don’t always FEEL like tweeting in the morning and half the time it probably sounds more like crowing, but I want my kids to have biblically sound lyrics engrained in their brains.

Hollywood puts out a lot of … follow your heart, follow your heart, follow your heart…lalalalal….

Scripture says that the heart is deceitful above all things. In other words, follow your heart and you will make a huge mess of your life.

Purposefully singing with the kids teaches them to have discernment concerning what they think on through out the day.

Soul Shaping Challenge: Consider the words your kids sing throughout the day. Print out the lyrics to their favorite songs and discern if those words are sowing truth and wise judgment into their souls. Begin to teach your kids how to discern truth from lies.