Memorial Day: Remembering

My amazing grandfather loved our great country. My faithful grandmother keeps his memory alive, retelling happenings from his life...weaving his story into our that we will never forget.
“He was a part of both the Battle of Coral sea & Tarawa."
"He was an airplane mechanic on aircraft carriers. His ships were the USS Lexington and the Independence."
In spite of two different sinking ships, he managed to get home alive.
The Lexington was sunk at the Battle of the Coral Sea and the Independence was crippled and abandoned at Tarawa.
Some good documentaries about these battles can be found on Google.
If you see a pic of these brave men jumping off the Lexington, look for the handsome one in white. Papa Marion said he was the only sailor in white that morning.
I am proud to come from such a brave, godly line. Thank you, Jesus, for my heritage.