A Letter From Troy


What a race!!! The people of Texas have spoken and they have unanimously decided that I am to remain their dentist, not their State Rep. 

I want to congratulate the two other candidates on their hard work and Cecil Bell in his success in winning the seat. 
But if there is any one lesson the Lord is teaching me in life, it would be this: What we as men measure as success or defeat, is irrelevant to the Sovereignty of God. Though my intent was to win, the Lord knows and sees things that I can't possibly imagine. So I am grateful for His wisdom and accept the outcome...even if I do not understand.

Finally, I can not even begin to tell you what a blessing it was to have worked with so many people who believed enough in me to help me try and win this race. The countless hours, the thousands of dollars in donations, the emails of support, the calls of counsel, and the leadership of focus to remind me what and who it is really all about.

-To Will Franklin, my political consultant who held my hand. A man of integrity and wisdom. A man who brought a sense of peace and professionalism into an arena that tends to lack such characteristics.

-To my Daughter Madeleine, who knows I would have been aimless without her! Her tireless work at creating web pages, push cards, flyers and her seemingly endless bounds of contagious energy.

-To my son Grey for the hundreds of miles he drove placing signs, and running errands, staying by my side during times of stress and doubt.

-To Erin Lichnovsky for her convictions and beliefs and seemingly never ending work ethic that made me stop and think for few moments to check and see if she was really human or machine running off and endless supply of batteries.

-To Laura Wilkins and her beautiful family who brought such a level of organization and commitment to this campaign that far exceeded any scope of expectation I thought possible.

-To all the volunteers who did things from walking the district, making thousands of phone calls, to creating youtube videos. Talk about hard work and hot days. You guys are simply AMAZING!

And finally, My Beautiful Wife. The one person who has always stood by me. Through thick and thin. Good and bad, fun times and hard times. I ask you...who could be more blessed than me???

I am excited to see what doors of opportunity the Lord opens up for us next.

Sincerely ,

Dr Troy Bonin DDS