Where the Rain Went... By Madeleine

If you were wondering where all the rain in Texas went this summer, I’ve got a confession to make... I am pretty sure it was following me around like the dark cloud over Eeyore. 

    My summer WAS amazing, wonderful, and blessed - especially with the arrival of my beautiful baby sister, Halle. I celebrated the warm, err, HOT weather with friends, lots of swimming, tennis, and lemonade. However, though this summer was plentiful in laughter and fun, it still had its moments of hurt, crazy hormones, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, of tears.  
    I spent a lot of my summer asking “Why God? Why this instead of what I wanted?? Why do I feel heartache? Why can’t I get MY way?” I never did get the answers I wanted, but I received something way better. I gained a deeper trust, and love, and understanding of my Father and His will for me. I relearned how GREAT His love is for me. That He has a purpose that is greater than I can ever understand. I believe my God would never do anything to hurt me, but everything He does, and everything that happens in my life is an opportunity to draw closer to Him or to pull away and attempt to rely on myself. 
    I get to choose which way I want to go and so do you- everyone does. Am I going to run and fall into the arms of God? Or am I going to fight, kick, and scream saying, “God, NO I don’t want THAT” and settle for “good”  when God is trying to give me best. 
    I get so easily distracted with the superficial things of this world, and God is lovingly whispering “No, Madeleine, look at ME, focus your heart on ME, trust in ME. I have a plan for you. Plans for  HOPE and for a future.” I know I can trust in that and that I can believe His word. Whenever I have questions, or I feel like I can’t hear his voice, I know I can lean on scripture.“All scripture is breathed out by God…” I can rely on His promises. The Lord is my refuge!!! And when I hurt and things get me down I don’t have to let it affect me in a negative way. I can trust that it is yet another way to lean on God for strength, not relying on myself. 
    I wanted to share all that since its been so heavy on my heart for a while now. Maybe you are at a point in your life where all that is just so normal for you, or maybe its something you are learning at this very moment. If you are struggling to trust and let go, be encouraged… We all go through it at one point or another. Through the love of Jesus and brothers and sisters in Christ, you can make it through the toughest storms… Well. Emotional storms I mean, since rain storms aren’t really happening in Texas right now……….. ;)