The Cowboy Ten Commandments

Sunday mornings find our family in the middle of the senior citizens' section at church. We ADORE hugging their necks, and seeing their smiling faces. The feeling is mutual between the smooth toddler cheek and the wrinkled wise aged cheek. Each week at least one of our little ones is armed with a carefully drawn, original piece of art prepared for a special friend we call Papa Charlie. Papa Charlie inevitably has a bag full of chocolate treats for the whole family. This precious papa makes Sunday worship extra special for us because we know he and his wife, Mimi Frances, will be looking for us every Sunday and we look forward to seeing them.
This past week Papa Charlie gave us, along with the chocolate, a framed copy of a Cowboy's Ten Commandments. We love this version of the original Ten Commandments and laughed with him over the wording after church. Here they are...Enjoy!
1) Just One God
2) Put Nothing Before God
3) Watch Yer Mouth
4) Git Yourself to Sunday Meeting
5) Honor Yer Ma and Pa
6) No Killin'
7) No Foolin' Around with Another Fellow's Gal
8) Don't Take What Ain't Yers
9) No Telling Tales or Gossipin'
10) Don't Be Hangerin' For Yer Buddy's Stuff