The Hopping Washer...By Madeleine

BOOMCRASHBANG. The older kids tore down the narrow hallway in our house with the younger ones at their heels....bravely running toward the scary noises. The alarming, screeching, scratching, and loud thumping was coming from the laundry room. The kids flung open the door to face the monster... and instead found the washer aimlessly hopping  around the room.

While washing it was HOPPING!

 A small but important piece was missing from within the washing machine. It was not a piece we could see, but the effects of its absence were obvious.. Without that one piece the washer's life span was going to be shortened to less than half of what it should be. Not to mention the wasted time and energy jumping around the room like a tot with a newly discovered love for "leap frog."

I have found in my life that without a deliberate time set aside for Christ daily, I am like that hopping washer. When I don't spend time with Jesus a CRUCIAL part of my Christian walk is missing. You might not "know" that I didn't spend time with the Lord, but the effects of its absence are obvious to those who spend time with ME! I jump around, wasting time, not reaching the full riches God has for my life. When I set aside time for the Holy Spirit to work in my heart, I can be EVERYTHING God has called me to be. So next time you are having a hopping-washer type of a day ask yourself... Have I spent time with God today? :D