You Know It's Time for a Spa Day When...

You know it’s time for a spa day when... 

Before I tell you 'when' let me tell you the story...

Samuel, our beloved four-year-old has a fetish for high water pants and he rarely puts his shoes on the right feet. This makes an attractive combination. If he accidentally puts on a pair of pants that fits him, a five-minute counseling session followed by bribery is needed in order for him to keep them on. Why he stays ready for a flood, no one knows, but we adore the kid and are just thankful he is not naked and that he has on shoes. Besides when you are one of ten kids in a busy household, you get away with these types of things. And being a tired, postpartum parent of ten kids, I live by the motto: “Pick your Battles.” High water pants, and shoes on the wrong feet are the least of my daily concerns.

It was blazing hot around 9am Friday morning when I decided to run to Wal-Mart with my ever so stylish Samuel. We were quite the pair. He donned his uniquely unusual ensemble and I resembled one that could have chosen his apparel with my baggy shirt and fuzzy hair. It was a Wal-Mart run. Who would notice, right? It is our habit to get a  drink at the McDonalds inside of Wal-mart before we start shopping, so we went straight to the counter for our Texas sized iced tea. While we were standing in line, I smiled at the elderly man behind me. 

He smiled back and in a thick foreign accent said, “1335 Sanders Road, Bethel Temple. We are giving free clothes for children tomorrow at noon...every Saturday at noon. 1335 Sanders Road.” He repeated the address about 5 times. The look on my face had to be one of shock. 

A foreign missionary to the U.S. was trying to help me dress Samuel!! I looked down at my four-year-old and instantly saw him through this man's eyes.  Quickly I tried to recover with a smile and a gracious, “Thank you!”  I repeated the address back to reward his efforts of kindness. I had no intentions of telling him we donate clothes to his mission!! Oh the irony!

I adore the quirky ways of my little one, however, I am hiding all of the clothes too small for Samuel, and I vow to take the extra few minutes it takes to tame my frizz with a flat iron, so I don't look the part also.

So here's the answer:

You know it’s time for a spa day when... a foreign missionary offers you free clothing for your perfectly happy, well adjusted, four-year-old son who prefers to proudly wear his little brother’s clothes and his shoes on the wrong feet. 
Samuel having an interesting hair day