The Price

Sometimes in the beginning of receiving a blessing from the Lord, when we cannot understand or see past the situation, His blessings feel like punishment or even a curse.

If you have ever killed your will at a high price in obedience to scripture and received a piece of Heaven in return, you know what I mean.

Life is hard. It is MESSY.

Human wisdom tangles mixed emotions and sets the will against our Creator—and we are oblivious to our stance against Him.

Yet He remains faithful.

My experience is that the LOUDER my flesh cries out the GREATER the blessing God wants to give me. I kick and scream and flail about while He simply longs to cover me with His feathers, or give me more of Himself. I think I know what I want, but He knows me better.

Have you been there?

“What do you mean I’m pregnant, AGAIN? The baby’s only 5 months!”

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