Warning: This is a Dirty Post (By Madeleine)

About a week ago, my fifteen-year-old brother, Grey, went away for a speech & debate competition. While he was gone I came to grip with a simple truth I have "known" my whole life... NO JOB IS TOO SMALL TO DO FOR JESUS!  You see, when Grey was away I realized not only how important he is as a brother and a friend to me, but also the impact that he has on our family on a daily basis. I could explain all he does for us, but it would be a never ending list. So instead here is a small note I wrote to him while he was away...

"Grey, sir, I implore you. Come home. It takes 3 of us to do the "house sweep" for window and door locks that you do alone every night. Oh, and I underestimated the pain, smell, and chance of getting unknown juices on yourself from taking out the trash. I miss you and your man skills for this household"  

His absence woke me up... Like, "hey, everything he does, everything I do, and everything others do... matters!!!" Of course, I have always KNOWN this, but for some reason it came at me in a different angle this time. Everything my sisters, brothers, friends, parents, and even strangers do EVERYDAY with a whole heart for Jesus MATTERS. Even when it's just changing a kid's diaper or doing dishes on a Friday night. It's not just about going through the motions. It's about the heart behind it. Ever seen a pan after a half-hearted scrubbing? The remnants of a crusty film are caked to the inside of it, giving evidence to the clouds that reside in a disgruntled heart.

I know sometimes (a lot of times) I don't feel 'OH SO JOYFUL' and 'SO HAPPY TO DO IT' when called to do simple and mundane task.  I want to be doing "great things!" ...I'm learning though that every task Jesus gives me everyday is a great calling. I have to let the Holy Spirit blow away the clouds of false pride that make me feel too good to do  menial tasks. It is not just about "feeling" happy emotions or being so super "religious" and doing everything 125% all the time. Sometimes I can only muster up 5%. However, like my parents have always taught me, all I have to do is give what ever I can and just say, "Jesus, I don't have the strength to do this alone. But I'm willing. Drag me if thats what it takes" and sometimes that IS what it takes. So as you go along doing those simple things in life today remember... Every job, no matter how small, can be used to glorify Jesus:-)