Bonin Neighborhood Bible Study- Week 3- Tower of Babel

Candy Speaks. The kids are beginning to learn that a Bible in hand earns a reward from the jar. Even the kids that dig through our bookshelves to procure a Bible get a reward, because it’s better than an empty handed, slouched postured, I’m not going to read attitude.
Opening Game:
As the kids entered I pulled four aside and gave them each a slip of paper with a sentence on it. The sentences were random like, ‘My pet mouse sleeps in a hammock and drinks tea.’ Another was ‘Different languages accomplish the same purpose among people.’ The kids that had a sentence had to communicate his/her sentence to his/her group without using words. The purpose of the game was to show the importance of language. After much noise and laughter, each group was told the sentence they were trying to guess, then we briefly discussed the importance of language.
Whose idea was language? (God’s) Do you think it is important? Communicating with words is very important. The best communicators become our leaders. Even if a person is wrong he can gather followers if he can persuade with his words. Can you name some leaders from history that were dead wrong but had many followers? Valuing our language and learning to communicate clearly and effectively is our Christian duty. It is not an option. Take your grammar and writing classes seriously in school and prepare to be a world leader. If not you, then who?
Bible Reading and Discussion:
Then everyone turned to Genesis 11:1-9 and Troy read aloud.
What were the people trying to do? Why did God say there was no limit to what they could accomplish? Why did God confuse their languages?
Skit: Four people act out the Tower of Babel...
Ended with Cake, Games, Crumbs, Laughter and Random Singing….