Samuel, our eighth blessing turned four today.

I love his predictable side. When I tell him to grab a few story books, I can tell you with my eyes closed what he will be holding. This child can listen to the same Dr. Suess book over and over with iron tenaciousness that never tires of the rhythm or the rhyme while his slave reader falls into a trance reading without seeing and speaking without hearing.

I love his practical side. For instance, one day when when we were in a public bathroom, I was helping him zip his zipper when he said, “Don’t worry, Mom. I don’t need to wash my hands, I can lick my fingers!”

I love his sharp side. Kids have a 50% chance of getting each shoe on the correct foot. ALL my other children put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot 100% of the time when they were four. Samuel however is different. The ONE TIME he had his shoes on the wrong feet, his left handed, dyslexic older sister put his shoes on him. When I said, “Samuel, your shoes are on the wrong feet.” He looked at his sister and said, “I tode you so!”
I love his experimental side… Like the time he ate an entire bottle of Vitamin B6. His bright red complexion gave him away. Vitamin B6 brings a flush to the cheeks, so the whole bottle turned him an alarming shade of red. He resembled the naughty little girl on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the one that ate the experimental chocolate and changed into a giant blueberry, only Samuel’s skin boasted a lovely shade of red.

I love his cool side. He is cooler than most of his short peers. His attention span is that of a disciplined college student and he has an unusual love for reading science books… high school science books. This four-year-old would rather talk about the organs and their functions than read The Three Little Pigs. He is beyond his years with the cool factor. When his oldest brother’s college friends come over, they ALL ask for Samuel. Cool can’t be taught. He was born with it.