Redeeming the Master Bedroom- 3

Hopefully you thumbed through the colors and styles on the Houzz link in the last post. Color is KING. So we must get it right per our taste. Once you have decided on tones, then textures and fabrics will be your next focus. My bed has a PILE OF PILLOWS that I had custom made in different coordinating fabrics and fringes that dress the whole room up. It takes extra time in the morning to get each pillow “just so” but my husband and I both enjoy the feel of our room and it’s worth the extra effort.

Your style may be more streamlined than mine and that’s SUPER, because a streamlined look cleans up faster than my over zealous ghadi pillow habit. My little ones LOVE to make forts with my pillows and pile them high for soft landing after a dive off the bed. This is great fun, but also a great pain when I’ve had about all I can take of forts and pillow platforms.

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