Jonathan Grey

“Because he’s nice”
“Because he’s funny”
“Because when he starts a job, you know he is going to finish it.”
“He shoots me in the backyard with his air gun.”
These are some of the
comments made by the little ones at our dinner table when asked to say one reason they think their brother, Grey, is cool. Grey turned fifteen this week. He was an easy pregnancy, delivery, child and now teen. He’s one of those kids that make us look good. :-)
His daddy and I agree with the
above statements, but to take them further we will add:
We think Grey is cool just because he is ours. We enjoy the

fact that he is an awesome big brother to his “Little Dudes.” He takes it upon himself to teach them the male way of doing everything and not in a gross, disgusting sort of way, but rather like a gentleman.
Grey’s company at work and play brightens his daddy’s day.
As his teacher, I enjoy the fact that he is self-motivated and takes the initiative to get his work done.
It blesses me that he takes our trash out about three times a day making humorous comments along the way, rather than complaining about the never-ending task.
I appreciate the fact that he tutors our neighbor in math just because that is the way he is.
He is a blessing to all who know him and we are thankful he is our son!
Happy Birthday Grey! We Love You!