Dr. Mom

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I over heard a handful of moms bemoaning the fact that their kids were getting sick too often during this cold and flu season. I understand. It's a real problem. I’ve been there and have learned a few simple strategies for avoiding “the bugs” through out the years. So here's my two cents from raising 11 kids...

The old proverb, An apple a day keeps the doctor away, has earned its place for a reason. Do you know the benefits of apples?

They are bursting with immune boosting antioxidants. Quercetin is the fancy name for the antioxidant found in apples, but you don’t need to know the name in order to reap the benefits. Just remember: Apples are a powerful antioxidant.

Apples detoxify the liver and keep the bowels moving. The body is like a river and if part of the river is built up with refuse then the rest of the river is toxic too. In order to keep the body clean and healthy the bowels must move daily and an apple is a GREAT way to do this. I buy apples by the case and require my kids to eat one daily. I rarely have to remind them to eat one, I usually have to say…”Slow down on the apples, this case needs to last a few weeks!”

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