Redeeming Beauty: Baubles and Balls

I tend to be laid back in that I sympathize with energetic little boys who need to be outside when it’s been raining for days on end…exceptions need to be made (in my opinion,) so last week I gave my power packed youngsters permission to TOSS the ball in the den…

Bad idea? Maybe…
As wives and mothers, we should decorate our homes with those we love in mind. For instance, your expensive collection of trinkets should be placed in an toddler free zone….Or if a handicapped parent lives with you, the doorways, hallways and bathrooms will be made to accommodate your loved one’s needs. If we create a home that is all about looks, the very ones we desire to occupy it will find themselves preferring to be somewhere else where they can slouch on the sofa and put their feet on the coffee table without Mom fluffing them up or scooting them off.

This decorating series is not simply about aesthetics.

It’s about loving.
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