Thanks Giving

This is the month of Thanksgiving. The month when we intentionally gather with our loved ones and voice the many things we are thankful for in our lives.

This thanks giving unites.

It heals.

It breeds JOY.

Thankfulness is a choice…a decision of the heart.

Thankfulness is an intentional act of the mind. The opposite of a thankful heart is a disgruntled spirit, which leads to a stress headache, furrowed brow, and heavy heart. NOT CHOOSING thankfulness strangles joy from our souls, and blinds us from seeing our unique blessings.

Unique blessings that tug at us, and hide behind a veil of obligation until THANKFULNESS rips the veil down and reveals the truth.

“Mommy look! Come here, Mommy!”

The little voice breaks into my thoughts and pleads for me to put down my work and follow him outside. My four-year-old’s world is full of lizards, frogs and mud pies, and I am the invited guest. I can default to irritation, because of the interruption, or CHOOSE thankfulness…that leads to JOY for the honored invitation.

I choose Joy. The veil drops.

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