The House is Closing In

I’m in a thither—a put every accessory smaller than a football away thither. The bigger I get in this pregnancy the more crowded I feel, so ALL LITTLE ACCESSORIES MUST GO!

I feel like Alice in Wonderland when she outgrows her house.

Granted, I’m only four months pregnant, so I don’t take up that much extra space…but I still feel like the walls are closing in. Maybe I’m suffering a hormonal hot thither, but my accessories are getting the brunt of it, anyway.

So this week I’m wrapping and packing beautiful accessories and storing them until I’m ready to warm the house back up with their presence. I’m clearing off end tables, side tables, desks and any surface that holds stuff.

Stuff: the word just sounds crowded, doesn’t it? We stuff our rooms. We stuff our closets. We stuff our kitchens.

Let’s give our eyes a break for a while and every room will BREATHE with the relief. I’m not telling you to GIVE AWAY your beloved possessions; I’m simply challenging you to PUT THEM OUT OF SIGHT for a time.

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