The Thanksgiving Scramble

Thanksgiving is around the corner and it’s AT YOUR HOUSE THIS YEAR!!! Ahhhh!! I know…I know… only so much time to lose 30 pounds, make new drapes, recover the couches, and paint the dining room before the BIG DAY!! And that’s not even to mention the food! Oh the food! Well, thankfully Thanksgiving is chalk full of traditions to keep the menu simple. So where does one start when the task appears insurmountable? Well, I’m glad you asked.

First: Breathe. Take a deep breath and know that regardless of what you get accomplished before the big day, it’s going to be OK. Thanksgiving will happen whether the dining room gets painted or not. But enough of the pep-talk, we are running out of time.

Photo Credit goes to 99.1 Press HERE
Let’s get started.

About the 30 pounds: Speed read my 31 Days to Fit  and do it turbo charged. Good Luck.

Now the drapes: This is THANKSGIVING: Be THANKFUL that you HAVE drapes and instead of last minute window renovations, let’s CLEAN THEM. Designing a new window treatment at this point in the game could send you to the mental hospital; so let’s skip the drama and wet-vac the dust off of the drapes that we are thankful for.

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