Child Training Gone Kaput

I’ve heard it said that a person’s private life will reveal itself in public eventually.  Well, I experienced this first hand this past Sunday and it was NOT PRETTY! It all started at church when the music began. The upbeat orchestra and choir energized one pig tailed little girl, right into a mess of trouble.
The culprit
My private life was revealed when our little two-foot, rosy-cheeked Prissy Pants turned her father and me inside out in front of several thousand wondering people.
 I am passionate about finishing strong with my children…faithfully raising and training the younger ones with as much vigor and energy as was poured into our older children. Well, Sunday morning during worship, it was revealed that our youngest has had me wrapped around her pinky finger to the point of NOT TRAINING HER PROPERLY! 
Well NOT ANYMORE, Sista!
My husband and I like to keep ALL of our kids in worship with us even the baby. It’s such a sweet time we don’t want ANY of them to miss it… especially the little ones. However, apparently I have relied too heavily on the trickle down effect with my youngest when it comes to appropriate behavior in public.
Let me say that ‘being good’ in the big auditorium at our mega church simply has not trickled down to one little child with a name bigger than herself (which I will not mention in order to protect the innocent…or should I say the guilty.)
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