Peru 2010!!!

I recently realized that I never blogged anything about my time in Peru last October! (Except for a small little story named "God Gave me the Hiccups" posted January 17th) It was such an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. experience I just have to share it with you!

Well, from the very start people could just feel the energy pulsing through our group. In fact, it seemed the sky felt it too, because when we took off for Peru that late October evening there was lots of rain and lightning:D Other than that storm, the flights there & back were (thankfully) uneventful. God protected us (us meaning me and about 50 others with the Institute in Basic Life Principles) from anything tragic that I'm sure Satan wanted to come upon us. :-S

We were up all night flying and then around 2pm Peru time we landed. (The time kept changing as we landed in different countries:P We were all confused)  As soon as we stepped foot off the plane we just started going, going, going... and we didn't stop 'till we re-boarded the plane at the end of the week. Jesus worked in so many hearts and changed so many lives that short week. God's presence was so "heavy" with us the entire trip... I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve.

I could share so much more, and at some point I will. (Pinky-promise) But I wanted to post some photos first:-) So... here they are!!!!!!!!!

At an orphaned/abused girl shelter

Orphaned girl:(

Most bittersweet and memorable time in Peru

The ocean. Though we didn't actually get to stop there

Priscilla:) She was my roommate in Chicago for a while:) I love her!!!

You could drive just 5 minutes and go from the homes of millionaires to this... :(

Erim and me... She only speaks Spanish and I only speak English... But it was like we were sisters. I love that girl<3

Adorable little Peruvian cars

(Some of our group during a conference we were attending/speaking at)

This was when we visited an abused girls shelter. Most of these girls were either saved off the streets or from human trafficking. It was the saddest thing ever:'(

This is the woman who runs the girls shelter we visited
So, all in all, Peru was wonderful. Jesus is AMAZING. And life is good. <3

Until next time, toodles!