I sit on the steps of the deck watching my kids carelessly play in our yard. The swing sores high as two siblings take turns pushing our laughing toddlers. Hanging on branches above them hide three more siblings. Playing…laughing…

I watch and ponder. I don’t deserve all this wonderfulness. I didn’t ask for it. I was headed down a different path. One without kids… A freer path...a  fly with the wind path. A do what I want when I want path.

Babies were not in “our plans” because the doctor’s diagnosis.

So dreams were dreamed without them present.


God interrupted our plans without our asking.

And through a surprise pregnancy He whispered, “Follow me this way.”

I answered, ”This way? Not this way. We have PLANS.”

And He said, “Trust Me.”

The tears soaking my pillow at night were not over a surprise pregnancy, but rather over my messed up plans—my interrupted schedule. Moving into unknown territory rocked my world and left me fighting the Creator…the One who programmed into my soul EXACTLY what would fulfill me…The All Knowing Creator of my being reaching down to BLESS me and I FIGHT BACK!!

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