Is It Really Camping When...?

As I mentioned last Tuesday, seven days a year I leave my husband and head to the great outdoors to camp with well over a dozen kids… and another brave, soul equally blond in hair color and nature as me.

It’s a scary combination.

My blonde companion and I have been improving our camping technique each year for several years now with grand results.

This year in anticipation of the coming trip, my spirited comrade sent me a pair of fluffy leopard slippers to get me excited about another wild adventure. You see, we are not your average girls. It’s not the fact that we boldly dare to venture out with our 14 children into the wild for seven days…no…I say, that’s NO BIG DEAL.

It’s the WAY we do it that makes the whole trip CRAZY!! Blondie and I are tough cookies with pedicures and highlights. Don’t let the primp fool you. We enjoy a challenge… but prefer it surrounded by pretty. Somehow pretty makes most challenges endurable. Especially challenges involving dirt and bugs.

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