To Do or Not To Do

Suitcases sprawl over the rooms begging to be zipped and put away after our trip…Laundry is falling off the folding table…The baby wears a soggy diaper with only one left on the shelf… Several children scurry around the house passing the last toilet paper roll from bathroom to bathroom and I know this from the echoing voices hollering, ”Can someone come help me, please?” from across the halls.

Everywhere I look something begs to be cleaned, put away or restocked. I feel out of sorts when we are in such disarray…and un-orderliness pursues hard and fast after many days away in our home… erasing the peace that the vacation so lavishly bestowed on my soul.

So many odds and ends reach for my attention…call for my time… beg for my mind.
As I survey the urgent to do’s that scream at me SO LOUDLY, a soft, tender voice penetrates my thoughts as my three-year-old announces, “It’s time for Bible.”

*Drip, drip, drip…* His milk spills off the table and onto the floor adding to the unsightly chaos.
I take my eyes off of my keys and bring my unruly thoughts back into submission…I cannot escape to Super Target and nurse a Venti-latte for comfort quite yet. My anticipated mini break is pushed to the back of the line for now. HE is the most pressing thing on my to do list this morning. His precious, fast growing soul will not wait for me to get it together before I focus on him. He is being shaped whether by my effort of by my neglect…

He is being shaped…whether I do it or not.

In deed, EVERYTHING else can wait.

I say, “Yes, it’s time for Bible.”

And we call the rest of the kids into the den for our morning reading. We read about David and Goliath this morning. I need a hero like David…an example of courage…of doing the hard thing…of stepping forward in faith regardless of outward appearances. The story comforts me and ENERGIZES my young boys. After our time together they excitedly talk about ‘if they were David…’ and dream of slaying their own giants.

Courage, strength and love sewn in stitches into my kids’ souls while the ‘urgent work’ impatiently waits for my attention.

The urgent is not leaving. It will press its demanding face into my days for the rest of my life. These children, however, will not. Their cherub cheeks and goofy laughs will grow into busy adults, whether I stop and take part in their training or neglect it all together. Read the rest HERE