Attitudes vs. Beatitudes

It’s Parent Observation Day in the kindergarten class. Students buzz with excitement waiting to show off the “Pass-Catch: Answer” game to expectant parents. Parents settle with anticipation while students gather in a huddled circle facing the teacher.

Let the game begin: The beanbag flies from proud teacher to well taught pupils.  Silently, parents hold a unanimous breath.

*Whoosh!* Children jump to catch the bag of beans. Only one will receive it’s plopping land, (but each will receive a turn throughout the course of questions.)

*Plop!*  All eyes turn to the (first) smiling winner.

One over excited student who missed the opening toss by an inch looses control as realization settles that It’s Not Her Turn to answer, yet!

And the disappointed one becomes the star of the show.

*Stomp!* Stomp!* Huff!*

Swinging her empty hands angrily, she loudly huffs to the doorflings it open and announces, “I’m LEAVING.”

The moms observing the class wonder what the teacher will do. The teacher wonders what  Miss Priss’s mom will do...

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