Raising a Brat Step 9- Do Your Own Thing

He is a terror to be around, so avoid being around him at all costs. Do your own thing. Have a busy work and social life--Be two ships passing in the night in order to avoid conflict. In fact, avoid conflict at all costs because he is almost grown now and his explosive temper is quite embarrassing.

Stay detached.

He will mirror this behavior and neglect his future family, too. It takes a mature person to be fully present with those in the same room. Teach him by example to text, daydream, and talk on the phone when he should be visiting with others.. Wherever he is, he will want to be somewhere else.

Walk away when it gets hard. Leave discomfort. Relieve any strain or stress.
Constantly seek convenience.

(Character is birthed in anguish and toil, stick-to-itiveness and perseverance.)

Selfishness is your goal, therefore constant comfort and happiness should be the focus.

Proverbs 19:22, "What a man desires is unfailing love;..."