Raising a Brat Step 10- Always foot the Bill

If all the prior steps were followed, then Junior can’t keep a job because he is wise in his own eyes, self-absorbed and full of excuses, so go ahead and continue to foot the bill.

He expects you to anyway.

Don’t require Junior to pay for anything.

Gratefulness will be far from his heart. He doesn’t understand the pain of sacrifice or the victory of hard work, so your generosity means NOTHING to him, except a personal right.

AKA: Selfish Brat full grown.

You’ll be left holding the bag for the rest of Junior’s life. Congratulations. You have raised a person to be a child to the end of his days. 

The raising of a brat takes little time or effort while the child is young, but the result will feel like a rock tied around your neck when the child is grown. Grief and disappointment will be the main emotions related to your project.

Intentionally live your days with your kids while they are young. Thoughtless parenting can result in a lifetime of regret.

 Ecclesiastes 4:5, "The fool folds his hands and ruins himself."