DUCK! *Splat*

I’m beginning to wonder if I should don a camouflaged raincoat and rain boots before leaving the house. This May Primary has become a mud-slinging contest in races across Texas. In the morning, I open the paper to find juicy morsels of gossip waiting to be devoured before breakfast. In the afternoon I go to the mailbox and find dirt filled flyers bashing certain candidates. Whispering fills church circles. Could it be true? What do you think?

Well, since you asked, I must oblige.

I am NOT impressed. The upbraiding is akin to undisciplined children screaming. I received a slanderous mailer smearing dirt on a reputable incumbent and laughed when I read it. I thought,  The sender simply revealed his true colors and aren’t we glad! Not that I planned on voting for him, I simply believe that voters are tired of the toddler type behavior among candidates running for office.

The method has become, I’ll cover my opponent in mud, bury him in dirt, and then I’ll look like a shining star. Really? I personally don’t value the opinion of a mudslinger. Stick to the issues. Let’s look at voting records...opinions on the affairs at hand. Will this person represent your values in Austin? What are his or her thoughts about life, boarder control, gambling?  

Where ever you live in Texas, prayerfully consider who you will vote for before you enter the booth. Remember my article about the movement to get conservatives out of the House of Representatives. You can almost go through your stack of mail, pick up each slanderous flyer and go vote for the one covered in dirt. Chances are this is your conservative choice.