Let The Baking Begin

My family and I are trying not to overdose on goodies this season. Since my girls like to bake and my boys like to eat, this is not a new challenge. It is just an accentuated challenge during the holiday season, because we are baking in volume for recitals and friends.

I keep our kitchen stocked with better choices for healthy substitutions, so we are off to a good start, but sometimes we just want to try something new: put the ingredients together differently for a change of pace. Shake things up.


However, I personally don’t like the girls to “experiment” without a basic math formula for proportions. If the recipe flops, I see dollar bills going down the drain, not food. So I love when a friend shares a new relatively healthy baked item with us. It saves us time and money.

Our wonderful violin teacher did just that. She put five ingredients together and made us a really good gluten-free, flour-free baked cookie. It’s not exactly an “on the wild side” cookie, but it meets my checklist, so it’s finding a permanent place in our cookbook. I’m not sure if she made it up or found it on a website, but here it is (Thanks Hannah):

Peanut Butter Cookie Balls

2 cups peanut butter
1 ½ cups or raw sugar (or whatever you use)
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp baking powder 

                               Cream ingredients together.
 Roll into balls. Roll balls into sugar. Bake 10 minutes on 350.