Family Time

“Is today Friday?” asked the suddenly confused neighbor. Nick attends our Friday night Neighborhood Bible Study when he is in town, but he was certain it was NOT Friday, nor had it been all day. He was simply hanging out with Grey when the clock struck 8:45pm.  Each family member scurried to the den for “Family Time.” Children plopped on the couch, some sprawled on the floor to stretch, and others made a back scratching train, but each one waited for Dad to pull out the book.

Nick followed the crowd to the den with a befuddled look on his face which compounded when he saw me (Mom) sitting with my hair pulled tightly back into a pony tail with an inch of night lotions and serums soaking into my (very young) face--the look made complete with my oversized men’s pajamas.

I watched his face as he surveyed the room and I knew he was hoping that other guests were not expected--with me looking like I did. We explained to him that he is welcome any night of the week for our “Family Time” and it was indeed NOT Friday night—neighborhood kids were settled comfortably in their own homes.

“Family Time” before bed is one of my favorite times of the day. It pulls us together and puts a period on our activities. It is a main stay in our family that will be remembered in a few decades with great fondness.

Everyday is filled with such busyness and lengthy to-do lists. Provide your children and maybe some neighbors with a constant in your home that can be counted on daily. Whether it is warm food on the stove at the same time each day, or your own evening “Family Time,” seize the day with the ones you love, because today may be all we have.